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Subpage Lightbox Effect


We would like to recreate the Lightbox effect for subpages and need assistance.

We would for instance like to display the “Installation” subpage saved under the “Handyman Services” folder with a click effect on the “link block installation” link block:

Here is my public share link:

We would like to be able to replicate the same effect as when viewing a project on the following webpage:

We would also like to be able to replicate the effect of navigating between project pages similar to a linked set of Lightboxes as displayed one the abovementioned website.

Kindly advise.


Estus Steyn
Upgrades4U (Pty) Ltd.

Hello, @Upgrades4U

From what I can see on the site-example they do not use lightbox effect for represent projects (works). Each project has its own separate page:

You can replicate such structure and behavior by using dynamic collections (each project will be separate dynamic page).

Hope it helps.


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