Submitting a Webflow app

Hi folks,

We’re getting ready to submit our Webflow app.

During the development process, we provide a development URL (eg. localhost:1337) where the React app runs as a designer extension.

This will clearly need to be hosted somewhere in production - does Webflow host this, or do we? If Webflow, what stack? I’d usually host something like this on an Express server.

I read:

Apps that utilize the Designer Extension capability must upload client-side source code through the App version manager within the Webflow Designer.

… but I can’t see anywhere to upload client-side source code.

Perhaps we just need to submit here and will then be asked to provide source code?

Hi @Harvey_Carpenter, Webflow will host your Extension code. When you go to the App development section, you will see a button “Publish extension version”. Click on that, and you can publish either locally ( available only to your workspace) or Submit it for review and eventual publishing to the marketplace.

Hi Anushri, I missed that button - that’s great, thank you!