Submit range-slider input value to Webflow Form?


my real estate agent client wants a property valuation tool for her clients.

Her clients enter some information about their buildings for example:

  • is it a detached-house, apartment-building or a flat? (radio buttons)
  • what year was it built in? (range-slider)
  • how big is the living space? (range-slider
  • etc…

My question is: I want to send all of her clients input in a webflow form to her email-address.
I know how to use webflow forms outside of webflow and how to submit basic information like email-address oder phone number, but I need help in figuring out how to send the range-slider value to her as well.

How can I include the range-slider value into the form for submission too?

I will either use a basic range slider like these: How To Create Range Sliders


use the ion.rangeslider: GitHub - IonDen/ion.rangeSlider: jQuery only range slider
I’m not sure which one I’ll choose yet, but if you have any experience what works best I’d be glad.

Thanks in advance!

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Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Solved? If Yes!, i need your help!!!

ionRangeSlider is quite elegant and feature-rich, but for simpler situations the built-in HTML Input Slider is good too.

Here are demos for both;

And the site preview;