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Submit doesn't work

Hello my name is Nathan Kim and Im new here.
I have a problem about my contact page.
I have a email form and when I click the button, it goes to “not found” page.
Please help me.
this is my website
thank you

Welcome to the community @Nathan_Kim!

Currently your form redirect is setup to go to “/success”, however it looks like that page doesn’t exist on your site:

Either create an additional page with the slug “success” or change the behavior of the action after a visitor submits the form and that should fix your issue. It’s also worth noting that your site has a bit of horizontal overflow caused by your hero slider that you may want to address.

If you’re still stuck and would like more help, please provide your read-only link so we can take a closer look :v:

I made a success page but still doesn’t work.

You need to change the slug to “success”. That way, the URL for that page will be - at the moment, you’ve named it “/success” but its slug is different, as highlighted in red below:


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It is working now! thank you so much !!!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: