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Subfolder/index.html | Slug is reserved?

Is there something I am missing?

I can’t make an index.html in a sub folder.

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With the way we serve requests, it isn’t possible to have a page that matches the name of a folder. I’d suggest creating a page, called /team/all for example, if you’re creating an index page for your team members.

To make sure I am explaining myself correctly.


So I set up a test site to more accurately display the issue.

Here’s the structure: “can not create index file in sub folder”

Link to folder:

Now, if I had an index file in the directory, I would not be getting the 404 error. The server would simply find and render the index.html.

I would really appreciate a response.

That slug is currently reserved since we don’t want users to think by creating that page, they’ll be able to access that page when hosting with us, as it will not work that way. If you are exporting your site, I’d suggest naming index as " - Home", and then rename the file to index.html after exporting.

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we use to have this feature :frowning:

I would appreciate having this feature again.


Hi @Revolution, I do not think webflow has ever had the ability to use index as a slug for subfolders or pages in subfolders. If it was allowed at some point, it would have been early on. I think it is good to keep this item on the Wish List.

It was there until around mid-Feb 2016 or so.
I delivered 9 websites between Christmas (late Dec 2015) and early Feb 2016 that have the index.html page / slug.

Sometime in mid-to-late February… I started renaming files to be index.html.

This messes up quite a bit of navigation as well. If I have links pointing to home.html… I have to change every link. Even if there are 20 pages with 2 links on each page… every time I export.

Whenever you include a manual process… you risk a chance of failure. That’s exactly what happened to me. I changed everything except for 1 page that I missed. And wouldn’t you know - that’s the page the client found.

I delivered 8 more sites to since then… and this index thing has been an issue.

I’ve also had to ensure no directory browsing and and 404 redirects were in place. Yes - I know this should always be done… (but you’d be surprise how many designers don’t know this… or don’t have control over this… or simply don’t do it.)

Previously… naming a slug “index”…
would display a “reserved (something)”… guessing “name” - error… but would allow it.

Now… the start page doesn’t even allow a slug to be entered. The field is completely gone on the start page.

As I’ve said in other posts… Why not allow us to use the " ’ " trick that’s used for direct URL’s under the settings tab.

So if I really really really had to have an index.html file… I could use `index for the slug… and this would exclude me from using the CMS. That would ensure the CMS is not affected and would provide us with a solution.

From my own thinking… is the best location for my portfolio…

and is where the about page belongs…

I think if designers were asked about this feature…
and provided an explanation of why it should / should not be included…
the majority would agree with me.

Either way… I sense Webflow has already decided.

So Please. Either take it off the wish list or
re-implement the feature.

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I remember the ability to have index.html as well…

Sure, I can download the zip, restructure, or do an htaccess, but for $42 a month I just expect standard things like this to be in place.

I would have figured this would have been kept after they implemented folder hierarchy.

"we don’t want users to think by creating that page, they’ll be able to access that page when hosting with us, as it will not work that way."

Hmmm, coming from a Server Admin BG, I am not sure why your Nginx setup for subdomains would be an issue.



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