Subdomains really not possible or is there a workaround?

hello people!
i am working on my perosnal website right no and there will be multiple subpages for multiple projects hat are completly different. so am was thinking about giving each subpage a subdomain sounds smart to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

but then i saw this:

and now i am a bit confused. i would really prefer so have
instead of

i just want to make sure that i didtn misunderstood this.
so A is not possible
only B?

if yes, has anybody found a workaround maybe?!

cheers <3

Hi Daniel,

You are correct that it isn’t easily done inside Webflow directly. What I usually suggest here is to set up redirects with your domain registrar, so that you can have subdomains that redirect to your pages.

hello chris,
ah got you. hm if it is possible through godaddy to set up these kind of redirects to subpages…this could be a good workaround…

in the end i just want that the user that gets my card has only to put in a simple domain to reach the specific subpages with slashes and so on…

thanks for your tip!

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible with GoDaddy, however I don’t use their services so would not want to say for sure. Check these articles for some info: Forward my GoDaddy domain | Domains - GoDaddy Help US / Add a subdomain | Domains - GoDaddy Help US and reach out to their support if you’re looking for guidance on this. For reference, you’ll tell them you’re trying to set up a 301 redirect on a subdomain. Hope this helps!