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Subdomains and Members Area

Ok. So i am new to webflow and working on a site. I plan on hosting with webflow so I can use the CMS. I read an old post says that subdomains need their own site and an additional hosting fee? I also read their is not a native way to have a user auth members area?

Is this true? If so, how can this be? This is a huge limitation…

Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions? I don’t want third-party and I can ask the client to pay double for something they already have.

Hi @athibeault,

I believe this is correct… you can use a sub-domain, however you cant connect a sub-domain to other pages on your project, so for that you would need a second hosted project.

And unfortuantely no native solutions for members area, lots of alternative options tho!

Webflow does a lot of things really well, but it’s not all the way there yet.

Hmmm. Ok thanks. What no or low cost options do you suggest?


From what I’ve seen, I think your best option will be

Good timing actually, Nelson just put out a video on this below

This might help

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