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Subdomain Indexing

What are all the things that can be done in order to make sure subdomain is indexed and is on top of search result of google. is the one I am talking about/

right now if i search on google for either ‘csde’ or ‘csde thenudge’ or ’ CENTRE for SKILL DEVELOPMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP’ the site is not being crawled.


status: Your site not index by google (copy-paste this to google search bar)


General Steps (No way to answer - “on top of search results” is topic for a book):



webflow generate sitemap (and submit under google web console)

index status

Do not block your pages by robots.txt and/or meta tags (noindex nofollow).

site speed - compress images

In your case improve site speed (Looks little slow). Compress images for the start.

more ideas:

Anyway - the Level of competition for specific bussiness name is lower VS general terms like SKILL DEVELOPMENT.

Keep in my its harder to get rank higher with one pager (Less content => Less Keywords + Less indexable pages).



Thanks you very much for this detail insight, this does really help me out!