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Subdomain Editor Posting? Wish List Abandoned?

Hi all, some of you probably have seen me around in the last 8 years now, I’ve noticed in that time it seems the wishlist items simply aren’t being addressed anywhere nearly as fast as years ago. One crucial thing that absolutely is needed for Webflow is the ability for editors to publish to the subdomain for staging. This is a request by almost every client I have and I have now even had a client completely abandon Webflow halfway through development simply because of this missing capability. I’m sure I’m not the only one who absolutely needs this functionality.

Any ideas on when it might be coming? @cyberdave @callmevlad @thesergie

Hi Dave, thank you for your note, and for being a big part of our community over the past 8 years.

I’m a Product Lead on our Collaboration team, and we are going to be rolling out new roles & permissions to customers over the next couple months. One of these will be a crucial publishing role, that can help teams control who can publish in the Designer and Editor (more details here).

However, I understand that you’re looking for more granularity (control who can publish to the subdomain vs. other domains), and yes, we have heard this request before. We’ll be considering this enhancement along with other more powerful roles and permissions functionality in the coming months.

Thank you again,

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Hi Mike, thanks for responding. It’s nice to see that those roles are being explored. I’d argue the ability to publish from the editor to the subdomain is far far more important to most clients, especially enterprise clients. I know Webflow is trying to break into the enterprise space but that request seems to make Webflow a dealbreaker for almost every enterprise client I’ve spoken with. That single feature really kills it for big companies. I hope you guys will enable that sometime soon. Thanks!