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Sub drop-down menu not working after modal wrapper closes


I have a modal wrapper with a popup for my website. I had a previous issue were menu links would go static when you closed the popup, but was able to fix this by setting the close action to the modal wrapper and show/hide display set to ‘none’ once it closes. I now noticed that the sub drop-down menu (see the last link on the menu ‘Client Login’) still does not work on the home page, if you hover over it it flickers and shuts off the links for the rest of the menu. I’ve attempted to switch ‘hover’ off, but when it’s off and you select the drop down it shows you the link text, but the links don’t work.

The drop down worked find before, and works fine on all pages except for the homepage- any ideas?

Read-only for the website here

Bumping this thread up one more time in case anyone has an idea, still working on this issue