Sub-Domain and 'Projects' question

I’ll be creating x3 new websites for a client, two of which will be setup as sub-domains as below:

So all three above will be x3 separate Projects in my dash. I’ll be purchasing WF hosting for the ‘’ but do I need to purchase WF hosting for each of the other two projects as well or is there a way of linking them up as sub-domains to the ‘’?

If I have to purchase x3 lots of WF hosting (with further sub-domains coming on board down the line) its going to get mighty expensive.

Hi @ConnectCreativeDes, it depends on the client’s needs—i.e. if the client simply wants a landing page for each subdomain, you could set these pages up on the main domain and forward the subdomains (if that would work for them). Then you could get away with just one hosting plan.

If they are set up as actual separate sites, then they would all have to have separate hosting.

Hope that helps! :wave:t2:

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Hi, thanks for your reply! The client is looking at doing a ‘full’ site for each sub-domain (although probably no more than x3 pages) - so ' would be an individual site.

So I guess the question is - I have access to the clients own hosting and domain management as well, so the thinking is - can I use WF hosting for the ‘main site’ and the clients own hosting for the sub-domain sites? (also built in WF but exporting the code?

Sure, subdomains can be pointed to whatever hosts you want. Just export and configure. Just remember that exported forms won’t work without local form processors or third-party integration, and performance would most likely not be comparable. Plus no CMS features will export.


Hi, that’s great, just what I needed to know - thank you! I’m aware of the limitations of the sub-domain sites (forms, no CMS etc) but its not such an issue with these small sites. I just wasn’t sure regarding the whole hosting, external hosting and sub domains etc.

Thanks for your help!

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