Stylize Google Form Check Boxes Not working

I am attempting to stylize a google form, used the same tips and tricks following this thread Styling Google form on Webflow

But I still can not get checkboxes to work.

I even added the “data-value” custom attributes to the check boxes as @samliew mentioned and still nothing. I’m unsure if the name attribute I’ve assigned to my check boxes is correct because when I inspect the associated google form, all the check boxes inside the checkbox element have the same name at least from what I can tell.

This is on my TestDonate page, the box “What would you like for a donation Item?” in particular.



The google form itself:

Picture of inspecting the google form checkbox, bottom highlight on right shows name field.

Picture of webflow checkbox settings utilizing the google name and that data-value:“Beer” custom attribute.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I am having this same issue! I am trying to solve it now so will keep you updated.

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Hey, has anyone found a solution to this?

Hi @LOyster @DrNinjamonkey @smellsfunn !

Did you manage to get checkboxes to work with your Google Form? I’m also looking for a solution, I’ll keep you posted if I find the answer! :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately no… could not find the support needed to solve this.

Thanks @LOyster for your answer.

I looked at Do you use a google form behind this form? because it looks like it works?

It submits most of the information properly, but the check boxes do not populate in the google form submission. It’s not an embedded google form if that’s what you meant, it’s a webflow form that has the fields mapped to the respective fields of a google form. You might be able to embed an actual google form and then stylize it with custom CSS in the Head area of the page properties, I haven’t gone to the trouble of trying that.

I’ve spent days trying to find a solution to this without having to resort to custom code. Has nobody found a Webflow solution to this? We simply need the Webflow checkbox to link to the Google Forms checkbox value.