Stylised text in the middle of article

I’m trying to do something like this: (the green text in the middle of the paragraphs).

How can I achieve something like this using the CMS? My client will be using the content editor to write the text and I want him to be able to turn some paragraph into quote or highlighted text.

Normally I can just assign an inline class ie. <p class="quote">Lorem ipsum dolor</p>

Thanks in advance.

Hey @razlanisme

Please have a look at the video here: in which I’m trying to explain styling block quotes in Rich Text :)

Please let me know if that helps!



@bart, wow. I was expecting a text reply explaining how to do that or a workaround but really, a screencast? Wow.

Thank you so much for explaining in detail and going the extra mile. I’ll definitely upgrade from Free account this week.

Thanks again :smiley: