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Styling Social media buttons

Hello everyone. The social media buttons that webflow provides leaves a lot to be desired. Any way to custom style these? Or replace them with different icons? If not…any creative work around ideas “outside” of webflow?

Any thoughts would be appreciated

This site lets you create a custom font from a number of different free icon fonts. In addition you can add any SVG icon you have to the font. By using a font you can control the color on hover and other parameters not available for images, Good Luck!

I’m talking about social buttons (facebook, twitter…etc) . Are you saying I can skin these with new icons in webflow? If so I’d appreciate advice on how to…thank you

Skin them? Did you look at the link? You’ll find all kinds of social icons in there. Just select the ones you like and set their corresponding letter and export the webfont. Then upload the 4 exported files to your webflow acct. Search the forum if you don’t know how to do that. You can also just use fontawesome download the webfont and upload it. Pretty easy.

Did you read my post? I’m talking about the Facebook and Twitter default icons in webflow? Is this what you’re talking about??