Styling part of a paragraph within a RTB

I’d like to give a style to one or two words within an RTB. I’m using H1-H6 to create the style. The problem is, it automatically applies it to the whole paragraph. This does not happen when I bold one word. Is there any other way to change one word’s font for example? (I need a mono-space font here)

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Hello @LupoAsaf

This article can help you a lot:

Thanks, @aaronocampo, but my problem is I want to style a part of the paragraph, not the whole paragraph. To use superscript on a number or monospace font on a command. Any ideas?

I know that you’re trying to style just one word. I’ve done that before and they way I did it is that I used the bold and italic format for that purpose.

Once I have the word bolded or italicised I add it a class to that format and then I styled it as needed.

The only bad thing about this is that you will have to use bold or italic format for this purpose and you can’t use it as normal italic or bold format. I hope I explained my self.

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This is a very smart idea, @aaronocampo, but does this means all italics or bold would fall under that design?
I need these styling tweaks for my blog’s body text ( Since all posts are generated by a CMS template, if I turn italics to a red monospace font, it was applied to all italics instances in any of my posts.

That’s exactly what I said was the bad thing about that approach

Please refer to the ‘advance styling’ on the article I sent to see how you can style elements inside a RTB without affecting all the italic or bold texts in the site.

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