Styling of part of a paragraph within a RTE not available anymore?

Hello Webflow community,

In the past, I was able to style individual parts of a paragraph within the Rich Text Editor (RTE). For example, I could change the styling, color, add attribute, etc., without affecting the rest of the paragraph.
But now, I can’t seem to find this option or feature. I’ve seen there was a change to the RTE very recently. Have I missed something or is that feature not available anymore?


Do you mean adding spans within rich text? If so I dont think that has ever been possible but maybe im wrong

Hi Julian ! Indeed, I was confused by the new UI and thought it was always possible to add spans within rich text. I found a 2015 message from the webflow team saying they will add this feature eventually…

In the meantime, I would recommend anyone having this issue the Powerful Rich Text attribute from finsweet.

It basically allows you to add html to the RTE.