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Styling Issue with Card Interaction and Home Page Headers

Hi webflow community,

I have a card interaction that works perfectly fine on screenfly (screen testing tool), chrome developer and my friends android phone, but on my iphone, even after clearing my cookies, the cards don’t flip properly. The same issue also happens with my headers in the home page, it works fine on the screen testing tool, chrome developer and android phone, but not on my physical iphone device. I reached out to Webflow’s customer support and they said they couldn’t help me because it’s a styling/design issue.

Here are two videos of the card interaction- how it’s supposed to work and a recording of it not working on my iPhone:

In regards to the headers, this is what it’s supposed to look like (there should be a title underneath each image, like so):

but on my iPhone, the titles are missing (here’s a video):

Here is my site Read-Only: Lumareto Read Only Link
Published Site Link:

Hi @Lumareto thanks for the post, I tried to take a look at the read only site link, but that link is no longer valid. Can you help to reshare the project read only link?

When I checked the published url at, it seems like the cards have been replaced with videos, are you still in need with help to understand why the card is not rotating on iphone?

Not all browsers are equal and sometimes there can be browser bugs or some style that one browser renders differently than the others.

Thank you for reaching out @cyberdave. I duplicated the project for backup while I mess with the main site! Unfortunately I’m still not able to resolve the issue. Here’s the read-only link and published site of the duplicate:

Read Only Link

Published Site

Thank you for all the help,

Hi @Lumareto, thanks, I am having some problem finding your card flip interactions, are those supposed to be on the home page?

Could you take a screenshot of the exact position in the navigator panel of the elements which have the interaction? I see some while scrolling in view interactions set on videos, but no card flip interactions assigned.

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Hi @cyberdave it’s on a separate page- the services page!

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Hi @Lumareto, I made a video with some changes to try, see if this helps:

Let me know how that goes after making changes.

Ahh you’re amazing! @cyberdave! Thank you thank you so much. You don’t know how much this means to me :hugs:

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