Styling has disapeared - All divs excetra have lost their styles


I just looked at one of my pages and it seems the whole page has lost any styles. Not just an area, everything is back at its unstyled state.
I know my styles aren’t setup that well. I have had a bit of trouble getting my head around the best strategy. I have watched most of the tutorials if someone knows of the best practise guide I’d also love this info!

The problem project is Novius Software (theres another Novius project so be sure to look at Novius Software)

Today I have been copying and pasting alot between the pages of the website. There have been a few conflicts where webflow has allocated a new title with a number, I am also confused about this, does the style with the number have the same properties?

I am hoping someone can help fix this, plus as I said any solid guide on the best way to do things would be great. I am using a thirds grid for this website so that could be why it’s messy?

Advice tips etc all welcome! I don’t think my file is set up well so any tips if you see issues would also be great!

I attached some screen shots of the unformatted state. The pages aren’t finished so they all look messy but here’s some pics of the one I saw. I have closed webflow before checking the rest. I am hoping to not damaging anything else.

Here is my site Read-Only: [
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