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Styling element on Mobile affects Tablet

For some reason, when I apply style changes to the Mobile (L) breakpoint, it is affecting the Tablet breakpoint. For instance, when I hide an element or change an alignment, the change also occurs for the Tablet breakpoint. I am not having this problem when I make changes on the smallest breakpoint, Mobile §. Is there something that I accidentally checked off somewhere? Super frustrating! Thanks for the help, all!



Could you post your read only link please?


Sure! Maybe my work is a bit messy, very much a beginner here :grimacing:

Hi I just took a look and it seems to be working fine? Is it a specific element you’re having problems with? I just had a play around with hiding one of the div blocks on the Landscape Mobile breakpoint and it didn’t effect any of the breakpoints.

P.S I like the brutalist design

Thanks so much for taking a look! Really appreciate it :grinning:

Hmm, it’s still causing me problems. Again, no issue with style changes on the smallest breakpoint affecting other breakpoints. It’s just changes to the wide mobile breakpoint that seems to be affecting the tablet styles.

For instance, when I hide “Div Block 15”, it disappears on the Tablet breakpoints (see screenshot).

…the odd thing is that in tablet mode it’s showing that the display is on (on the menu bar), but the element disappears as if it were hidden.

I’m really not sure, I’ve just tested this and it’s working fine for me. After hiding it on mobile landscape it still shows up in tablet mode both in the builder and in the preview.

Do you have a link to the published version I can check?

weird… when I make the changes in the read-only version, there’s no problem at all, just as you’ve encountered. Maybe some kind of bug? I wonder why that would be. I’ve tried logging in and out, and duplicating the site, but same issue.

do you mean a link to the published site?

again, very much appreciate it!

The breakpoints seem to working fine from what I can tell on the published link. What specifically is it with the breakpoints that you’re trying to do that won’t work?

I’m trying to hide an image and make the text block the full viewport width. Screenshot 1 shows what I’m trying to hide in Mobile landscape. Screenshot 2 shows Mobile Landscape after it is hidden and the text block is made wider, and Screenshot 3 shows how the changes also occur in tablet mode.

I just made this change and republished it… it seems like it is displaying correctly on the published site, just not in webflow?

published here:

I’m very confused because it’s working fine for me - see screenshots below of what I can see.

yeah, so strange! it’s working for me too when I’m in read-only mode.

I’m having a similar problem where any change I do in the mobile landscape is affecting the tablet as well… Did you come to a solution Amy? :slight_smile:

Hi Max! Turns out that webflow can be pretty buggy… I found out that it was a bit of a web browser issue. When I opened webflow in safari, it wasn’t an issue. I don’t remember my exact process but I ended up having to go back and forth between safari and chrome. Basically, made the mobile update using safari, and then would go back to chrome for other changes (because safari was producing other issues). Unfortunately, webflow doesn’t provide any support with web browser bugs. I hope this helps… let me know if it works for you!

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