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Styling dropdown widget weirdness


I’m trying to style the Bad Credit Info Navbar link to match the rest of the navbar links. It’s a dropdown widget. Whenever I try to change the font to Roboto Condensed it moves the whole navbar down the page. My share link is below…if anyone can help I’d really appreciate it.

Many thanks


Hi @GrahamCox, thanks for the post. I see that dropdown already with roboto font and all other links in open sans font. Are you trying to change the roboto font to open sans? Cheers,

Hi @cyberdave

My apologies, wrote my OP a bit hurriedly! Yes, I want to change the font of Bad Credit Info to Open Sans like the rest of the nav links in the nav bar.

thanks a lot


Hi @GrahamCox, check out my video :smile:

Let me know if any questions :slight_smile: Cheers,

Hi @cyberdave

Awesome, thanks so much Dave. that makes perfect sense.


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