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Styling child element of Current tab

Hey there!
I’ve created some tabs and it’s quite easy to change some basic styling on the Current one, like Background- and Text Colour.
However, I’d like to style a child object in the Current tab, is this possible as well?
When I have the Current tab selected and select a child object, the Current selector disappears.

In the screenshot below, you can see some red bars on the left.
On the active one, I’d like to change the size of the circled one.

Thanks in advance!

Do you have a link to view? Normally, you just double click on the current tab’s content section.

Thanks for the reply @garymichael1313, here’s the link:

Important: choose the dynamic page ‘cities templates’, that’s the one with the latest updates.


Okay I’m in the site, what are you trying to change? red bar, title, text… ??

Okay, so right now - on move hover over one of the tabs, you see the red bar on the left appearing. When the tab is active (so with the white card bg), I’d like the red bar to stay visible.
Let me know if this makes sense.

Thanks for checking!

Ahh I see, the challenge is it’s a dynamic cms list. So you would have to create the setup of the list divs & wrapper ahead of time. The list is created and styled, you can’t adjust it on the fly. The cms list was created and styled, then content was pulled from the cms.

Just save list as a symbol to not lose it.
I would start over and when you create one button/box, add a hover state and put the red line on the hover state… just configure it how you want it. Because this Dyn List has already been constructed.

But I’ll keep trying for you.

Oh BTW - you can’t have an interaction on a symbol so keep that in mind. If you plan to use this again.

Thanks a lot for investigation @garymichael1313, I’m gonna check it out!

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