Styling a select button in a form

Dear Webflow Community,

I´m working on an Arabic website and they write opposite as we write, what I mean is that everything has to be like a mirror. So all the text has to start on the right. I need to also change the direction on the select button that I have in a form but I can´t find how to do it. Has anyone has done this?

Please help!

Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @vadelfino

I believe @AnnaKelian has built some sites previously, multi-lingual, including Arabic. Anna - are you able to offer some pointers here, best practices etc?


Thank you StuM! I have the page ready just that little detail on the form. Here is the Read-Only link to see my project.

Thanks @StuM I sure can!

Hey @vadelfino

Is this what you’re referring to?

Just set the text to RTL. You can do it on the whole form or even the page. That will also ensure that the punctuation is at the end of the sentence like this:

Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you need help with anything else.

I’ve made 2 sites with Arabic text, do check them out for inspiration if you want:

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Oh of course the LTR / RTL - how did I miss it!!

Thanks Anna!

Thank you very much!!! @AnnaKelian is working!!!

@AnnaKelian BTW I added at the wish list to support the UTF-8 codes for Arabic so the URL for Arabic page will be written in Arabic, is in this link Thank you very much! :blush:

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You’re most welcome @vadelfino :slight_smile:

And thank you so much for posting that feature request. I’d love to see that feature in Webflow as well.

Have a great day! And if you have any other questions, I’m @AnnaKelian on the Forum :wink: