Styles/cases applied in my new CMS page changing my components

I’ve been using Webflow for 2 weeks more or less and I’m setting up my Portfolio.
I created my Home page and everything looks fine, so I created my CMS pages to show there my work right?
The thing is that my new page si empty and I don’t have any class linked to it, and when I paste elements from my Home page they look diferent (bigger). I’m seeing them from the same preview size, and it also shows when I preview the page with the Play icon.

I tried and deleted the CMS collection and created it again in case I had some settings there, but still.

Also, when I paste components with interactions in the new CMS page, they move differently, like some interactions are added but I never setted this up.
I tried adding the same class of Styles I have in my Home page and that makes my fonts correct, but everything still looks bigger, and what I explained about the interactions also happens.

I really don’t understand what is happening.
I cleaned all the “Unused classes” and still.
Thanks very much