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Styles are deleted when link settings are changed


I experienced some weird behaviour with link blocks today. For my navigation (no webflow widget) I added and styled the first link block, linked it to the homepage and copied it several times to create the rest of the navigation.

Now when I change the settigs to link to a different page the styling disappears. The link block still has the same class, but the styling is completely empty. I even tried deleting and re-applying the class but it didn’t help. Has anyone experienced this before?

Here is my page:

You will notice the Portfolio link to be completely different from the others, although the same class is applied.

I hope someone can help me!


I think my problem lies in the “Current” class that webflow automatically applies to the links. So I will just have to start again on my navigation and style my links beginning from a link without the “current” class.

Hi @Anne , generally speaking, styles cannot get deleted, unless you remove them using the Style Manager. I will go take a look at the site though, and see if I can determine from your description, what might be the issue.

Do you know the name of the style that went missing?

It is good to have that info, otherwise, we cannot verify if a style went missing or not, or if there is some problem saving the style to an element.

Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave, I have found the mistake (see the edit remark).

It seems I have ignored the “current” class. And all my links had these, as they were linking to the home page and I was editig the navigation on the home page, so all my styles only applied to this nested class. Now, when I changed the link settings to link to a different page, the “current” class as a nested class wasn’t there anymore and all my styles, naturally, were gone.

I have some problems understanding nesting, anyway, as is is a bit more limiting in your editor than it would be if I wrote it directly in CSS. If I want to edit the basic class, I have to insert a new div, apply the class to this div and make my changes, then delete it again. Because most of the time I don’t have an element without any nesting classes.

Have you tried hitting that button below States?


Aaah, thank you! This makes things a lot easier :smiley: