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Styles and Performance - Newbie mistakes

I am a citizen developer who has learned a lots from Webflow. I want to share my mistakes on building my first website (published last month), and one of the biggest mistake is related to styles.

In two weeks last month, I have reduced unnecessary styles (I can have less styles for same content) on my website.

So it was my own mistakes to just click-click-click and not realizing that it is adding the CSS file - as this is my first website built.

My home page is using some external JS, such as Locomotive scroll and the typed.min.js and also lazySizes.min.js and I use also Lottie animations and google tag manager + google analytics. In additions, I have several dynamic content CMS on my home page. I started the process try to get a better speed performance, with addition of doing some other things taken from many references from this forum + stack overflow, etc.
After doing preloading, pre-fetch, pre-connecting, and many other things fixing my mistakes, my scores went up.

I also published a medium post yesterday where I described my mistakes and steps to get a better score (meeting the core value) for those who are interested, and I hope it can help.

So, thankyou Webflow!!