Style selector not behaving normally

Hi there,

I’m re-designing the Careers Page of my company’s website and I’ve encountered some pretty odd behaviour with the Style Selector.

Instead of editing the elements actual style (the blue tags), it seems to be selecting pink tags like ‘All Paragraphs’ for text and ‘All Links’ on any link or button within the page - including the nav-bar, which needs to remain consistent throughout the site. I’ve attached some screenshots as examples below.

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 10.18.43

What’s even more odd is that it seems to be only affecting this one page, and this issue continues even if I duplicate the page and edit that instead.

What I’ve resorted to is starting a fresh page and pasted-in the design elements from the careers page, and those have began to act normally again, so I can edit those ok. My only concern however, is when I get to moving the redesigned element back to the original Careers page, I’m concerned that this will cause changes on areas of the page we want left as-is.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

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You have a style applied to the body of the page. Remove this altogether and then your specific paragraph style will be more accessible. You can also click on the “Inheriting 3 Selectors” text to access the “Job Blurb” paragraph style.

Amazing, that worked. Thank you!