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Style not updating on the live site

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On the ‘right side’ of which page?

Sorry for not being clear. For example if you go to the subpage Background, there is a box on the right side with the title ‘User Experience Example.’ This title is changed in the editor (the style is updated), but when I publish it, the style does not transfer to the live site.

Thank you, Jim, for your time.

WF is web based thru a browser. I find often the need to close out of all things WF related, close the browser, open to whatever page is default, clear ALL history and especially cache, close the browser and reopen it and try WF again.

Thank you. I have just tried all these and it still doesn’t work. I also tried it on another computer and it doesn’t publish correctly.

Maybe time to send an email to the brass at WF :thinking:

Will do, thank you Jim.

HI @Klemen I have check your live site on several browsers and all predefined styles (color, font-size, letter-spacing etc.) are rendered correctly on each one.

Hello Stan. Thank you for checking this out. We actually solved the issue with the Webflow support. It seems I had different styles for the highest breaking point, that is why it looked different :see_no_evil:

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