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Style Manager doesn't work

Hi guys,

Help me :frowning:
The CSS classes not used (in Style Manager), I know for sure that precisely not being used in the project I should be able to delete them…

But no. Even the element/class “Nav Link” despite having renamed it several times in “navlink” keeps me the name “Nav Link”.

From the Style Manager I can’t delete it and in addition to this I also find the two subclasses that I had created in another navigation bar … already deleted for a while!

This is to say that the Style Manager doesn’t work! there are elements deleted from the project that I can’t delete!

Another problem…
If I select the “Nav Link” class I see in the Style—>Selector—> “navlink” class, if I rename that particular “navlink” class in “example” I should see the change with the new name, instead remains “Nav Link”!!!

P.S. I have already tried to clear the browser cache, I also tried to delete all the Navbar and redo it from scratch… but nothing! I’m sure that if I redo everything from scratch, it works!

I don’t know what to do!!! :frowning:

My project:

Link Publish:

Hello @Gianluca_Dorio

Can you share your read only link please?

Hi, ok! sorry…

I’ve checked your site and there are some weird things happening definitely, I would suggest remove everything you don’t need in your website, wrap everything inside a div a copy it, then create another project in your Webflow account and paste that div you just copied from your old project.

That way you will transfer only the elements and classes you need.

Hope this helps.

Hi Aarono,

ok, I tried to create another project (copy/paste ecc…) as you told me.

Everything works for now! :slight_smile:

Many thanks! :clap::clap::clap:

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