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Does anyone use Hatch? It looks great but I seem to have an issue right at the start… I’m just trying to make a few global changes just to get familiar with how that all works. I have managed to globally change the text, but the colour changes are not taking effect when I try to change them. I’ve also reached out to Mackenzie who made it, but wondered if anyone here has used to. Thank you!

I’ve uploaded a video to show what I mean, here…

The video you linked is not working for me so i’m not sure what the problem is. But if i had to guess I would say you are overriding the global changes on the text element.

Not sure what the issue is - it works here:

As far as I can tell, I’m following exactly as per the video here, from 3:50:

OK - I almost have it - its subtly different to just selecting another colour, but rather updating an existing swatch colour. So I managed to do it almost by accident, and am just retracing my steps a bit!