Style elements individually inside an even or odd collection item

Hey guys!

In a bit of a pickle and hope to get some advice from all you clever Webflow-minds out there. I have a collection list where I want even and odd items to have different look. I want even items to have a different image background. The element I want to change is a div with an image background inside a collection item. Please see this attached image:

I’m aware of styling odd and even collection items but since I want to style an element inside a collection item this doesn’t seem to help, or am I missing something here? Any ideas?


Link to project:


I remember wanting to do this for a client project. I ended creating a demo. Uses custom code. You could refactor it for your needs. You could always book some of my time to do it for you.

Here is the demo →
Here is the read-only

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ll definitely look into this. Good to know, maybe I’ll get back to you. Cheers