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Stuffing CMS field value into Shopify Check-out Discount Code field (liquid)

When someone visits one of our “Advocate” pages, would love to be able to grab the assigned “Discount Code” field value found on the page, taken from the “Advocate’s” CMS field, and have it stuffed into the Shopify (liquid code) “Discount Code” at Check-out."

Yes we’ve integrated Shopify into Webflow and love it!

Shared >

IO example of an Advocate’s page >

IO Shopify Check-out screen 1 >
IO Shopify Check-out screen 2 > (this is where the discount code gets enetered)

~ John

Hi @John-Biethan

I’m confused as to where you’re add to cart button is on this page. Can you show me?

I’ll be standing by for your response.


Hi Nelson. Thanks for looking into this.

The button is here >