Studio Form || Custom Webflow Funnels - Without the Dev Time

Hey there, fellow Webflowers :wave:
A new way to create custom multi-step conditional forms in Webflow is about to be launched. :rocket:
Here’s a short video showcasing some of the key features β†’ Studio Form - Custom Multi-Step Webflow Funnels - Without the Dev Time || Initial public teaser - YouTube :movie_camera:

We call this new way Studio Form. It allows you to easily:
:white_check_mark: - Create custom user flows
:white_check_mark: - Easily retrieve relevant data from users
:white_check_mark: - Increase the number of form submissions
:white_check_mark: - Stand out from the crowd
:white_check_mark: - Stay compliant with GPDR rules
:white_check_mark: - And much more to come in the near future!

Sign up for the beta test to show your support and interest β†’ Studio Form - Start Building Custom Webflow Funnels!
And in general, let me know what you think :raised_hands: