Stuck when i try to scroll down (Mobile)

I have a strange bug when i try to scroll down on mobile - its simply stuck in the team section…
this is the live website:

any idea please? :persevere:

Hi there, I have had the same problem as well, the support team did not really help. Try getting rid of the body heights even if you defined it as 100%. Apparently, that’s what I was told and it didn’t really work straight away, but now it’s fine…

@Vaggos_angelis do you mean I have to set the body tag at 100% height?
I tried it and there is no change :frowning:

No, I mean just delete the body size. Don’t do 100% , just delete the body size.

don’t work :frowning: stuck in the Team section

I believe that this is just a bug so probably just leave it for a day or two and it will probably fix itself

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