Stuck one issue -remove one button( using html embed ) issue for almost four days

just want to remove "add to cat " on "for him " page without impact the other pages. why is so difficult!!!

Can you please share a read-only link?

How can I remove " add to cart " in my "for him " page without using a symbol? Also, I tied to use a symbol in parent element as a symbol and delete "add to cart ", but this way sucks and does not work.
Furthermore, I want to only create "notify me when it launched " button in the two pages, that button will show up on the other pages as well, even though I create a symbol.

Moreover, if that situation happened in the template, how can i do?

no one helps

Your read only project link is not valid. Please update.

Symbols are a convenient way to reuse a group of elements. If a symbol is placed on a collection template, all collection items in that collection will display it. You can learn more about symbols here ->

With collections you can leverage conditional visibility to display elements based on conditions. You can read more about that here ->

When you are trying to do something, like control visibility, that webflow does not natively support, you can always leverage custom code.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much. Appreciated sincerely

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