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Stuck on sticky positions


I’m very new to Webflow and trying to get my head around sticky elements…
I’m using this as a template for a page I want to add to my site but I can’t seem to get “Block One” to stay in front on mobile when scrolling down the page.

I have tried playing around with z-index but nothing I do seems to keep it in front as it is on desktop.

Any help is hugely appreciated!

I am sorry but you didn’t enable sticky at all? It is not clear what you mean by

These blocks are not on top of each other in the read-only.

Sorry my bad, what I’m trying to resolve is the fact that on desktop, once you scroll to the bottom of the page all three elements appear as they should.

However, on mobile, block one is missing as it seems to be sitting behind

And here is the culprit!


set on the tablet breakpoint on the red bg section!

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I knew it would be something ridiculously simple, really appreciate your help Dram! Thank you!

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