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Stuck on interaction issue


I having endless issues with this interaction on the below page

When the user clicks on an event card a hidden element appears via an interaction.

For some reason when the user clicks on any card, it not only activates that cards interaction but also the interaction for the 1st card in the second row.

I have no idea why this is happening?? Any suggestions??


EDIT: Is anyone having issues with their pages not saving?? I am making changes on my site and when i come back to them, say from the site settings page, or even just refreshing the page in Chrome, the changes i have made are not saving. Webflow mods is their a known issue atm ???

I don’t reproduce your bug, the page seems to be in construction anyway.

But I may know where your issue comes from. All your description blocks are going to be named syd-ment-healthcare-desc. So when the interaction is triggered on ONE card, it will affect ALL the syd-ment-healthcare-desc. elements on the page. It should affect all your card. At least it should, but you’ve named your desc elements all differently. You should have the same exact structure for all your cards, same blocks and same classes names. Design one card and copy/paste it in all your grid

TO PREVENT YOUR BUG TO HAPPEN you need to restraint your interaction to the syd-ment-healthcare-desc. of the card you’re on. As the desc element is UNDER the element you give your interaction to, in the hierarchy, you need to check the box LIMIT TO NESTED ELEMENT so that it never affects any same named element outside the card you’re clicking on.

Another thing: you should put your entire card (each of them) INTO a link block, and give the interaction to the link block. That way, users can click anywhere on the card, and they get the little hand cursor when hovering card. This is essential for visitors to know that there’s something to click on.

thanks for the reply @vincent

What i am going to do is delete all the cards and start again, using your suggestions.
I am going to just create two cards first, get them working independently and then go from there.

Its getting too confusing for me to even ask for help on it…!

Regarding the pages not saving, this is still happening to me on all my pages!

Good idea, I checked your card and it was a bit messy. It’s never a bad idea to start from scratch when you’ve finally got to build the element you wanted to. Believe it or not, I do that for ALL elements, with no exception. At first I put silly classes names then I redo it very clean and in no time.

For your pages, you have to check the load indicator. the little check mark here :

When it’s like that, a Check mark, it’s ok, you can change page, quit etc. But if it’s spinning, you gotta wait. I have a decent but not miraculous connection and I have this thing spinning a lot, a lot. If your problem continue to happen, try to screencast it and mail the support. I had your issue a couple of times but I can’t say if it’s my fault or Webflow. Not enough not to still give confidence to the system though.

problem solved!, for now…