Stuck in login visibility issue

Hi, this forum has been a great help to me but i somewhat cannot find issue similar to mine.
If you guys have seen similar issues or know how to solve it, please help me out…

I want the navigation bar to have different visibility based on login-status. (new_navbar)
I already applied visibility & user access function but nav bar does not change after logging in.
It just stays in ‘log out’ visibility status.

Since I can access pages that needs login after logging in, I’m assuming that it is not log-in problem. But I do not know what exactly causes this issue…

This is read-only-link of my page,

I would appreciate any kinds of support! thanks

I think you are mixing two functionalities: Webflow Membership and Memberstack.
I see you are using Memberstack. And you have “logout” on the navbar with Memberstack attribute :point_down:

Zrzut ekranu 2023-11-25 o 22.26.48

If you are using Memberstack and want to hide the Login button you need to use these attributes:

wow thank you! I’ll try the way:)
hope you have a nice day

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