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Struggling with Flex Layout! Help pls

Hi there!

So, I’ve got these panels, with hover panels over the top. The initial appearance has text over the image, that disappears when the hover panels show up. To get the hover panels to sit directly on top I have to use centre aligned flex layout in the link block. But I don’t want the text centre aligned, I want it bottom right. I need the text to be nested I think, because of the interactions. I may have made a little mess in there. Can anyone help?

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It’s a little confusing what you’re saying. But I’ll tell you, these hovers are actually really good now! I think they look great. The graphic on hover, with the text centered is very nice.

Shoot, now that I look at them again, I wouldn’t change a thing, they’re really really good.

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If this is what you’re trying to do

I placed the text and image inside of a Div (Div Block 4)…

53 AM

Set the Div to position: relative

and make the Div: Flex:
Justify: End
Align: Bottom

Then selected the Text and added some padding on the right side to bring it inward a little bit.

I don’t know if this is what you’re trying to do, hopefully I understood it correctly.

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Thanks Gary! I like them centred too, but I thought maybe they’re not readable enough.

Thanks so much! Yep that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. You’re a gem.

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No problem, it looks good. Take care.

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