Struggling to 'Fix' pagination buttons so they appear in the Nav Bar

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I’m a newbie with no coding experience.

I’m building a digital magazine and have inserted my Article CMS Collection onto the page layout.

I’ve activated the pagination option to show just one article collection per page and I’ve designed my PREVIOUS & NEXT buttons, as I want them to look.

I want users on all devices to be able to see the pagination buttons all the time and am trying to position them as fixed elements on top of the NavBar (which is fixed to appear constantly).

When I view the page within the Designer - everything looks and works fine but, when I flip to Preview Mode the buttons have moved down into the page area and are no longer ‘fixed’.

Please take a look at the video attached to see what I mean…

Any help would be greatly appreciated before I blow my brains out. :+1:t3: