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Structuring Layout Help

I would like to design the Model S page of as practice, but I am having some structuring problems. I would share my link here, but I deleted everything to start from scratch with someone’s help. In the picture below, I would like to make the navbar as shown, with smaller width and centered on the page, but still responsive. What are the settings to make the navbar look like this? Then, the picture below the navbar, how do I get it to line up with the navbar like this and be responsive? What would the structure and layout be for this page, along with the settings for auto vs relative or auto width vs a specified width, etc…?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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To make the Navbar smaller just have a smaller fixed px length. Regarding everything else I would watch the tutorials. They really do help. :wink:

Ok, I have tried again, but something is still wrong. Please check my link and tell me what you see and what’s wrong.

I can’t seem to get the navbar and image to be centered on the page…

Hi @kmcguir

These are the settings you will need to center and make responsive the nav-bar and image.

Awesome! It worked, thanks! I am still confused about relative vs auto, block vs inline, etc…I listened to all of the tutorials, but I still don’t understand how each of the settings work exactly…

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