Structure with grid and symbol


We are designers (not web designers, but designers) and also newbies in webflow. We are not sure if we are making a good structure of our website.

All the website is contained in boxes, so we used a grid as the main structure inside the body. Then we added elements in this grid, but we realised that the upper part of the grid is going to perform as a menu in each page, so we add a section inside the grid just to put inside those elements. After that, we created a symbol.

Also inside of the section menu, I create the grid which is the same as the “Grid Eixida”, and I’m not sure this is good to have both, but I need it to add all the elements inside the section menu.

This is how the whole structure looks like:

We are afraid to continue designing if there are some structural errors that will make problems in the design (specially if those are so difficult to fix).

Is there any person able to check the structure and tell us if we are doing well?
That would help a lot!!

This is how the home looks like (which is a good looking, apparently)

Thanks so much in advance!