Stripe & Paypal are Render Blocking resources

I’ve created a Webflow e-commerce-shop and tested the shop with Google Page Speed Insights.

I reach poor 31 points on mobile there. One of the main reasons is that STRIPE and PAYPAL are registered as Render Blocking Resources, with no chance for me as a no-coder to do something about that.

Furthermore these scripts are also loaded on pages that do not have the shop-functionality build in.

Does anyone have a workaround or simple custom code to get STRIPE and PAYPAL to be Non-Render blocking resources?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Nope, as a non-coder - you’re screwed by a lot of the questionable practices Webflow implement.

The support seems to be genuinely terrible and the only reason I’m still with them is because I accidentally paid for a full year. They offer no “carrier” integrations like Royal Mail and such (so have to do some workarounds there).

As a developer myself, I chose Webflow to make my business easier to setup - and it’s only made it much more painful.

I’m having the exact same problem. It is frustrating that the PayPal code even interferes on parts of my sites that are not part of my e-commerce pages. UGH

When Google is not happy, I am not happy.

Anyone have any ideas? Work-arounds?

Yes. This is really blocking everything around here. Everyone in the team was so excited about how Webflow performed on Pagespeed until we stumble upon this e-commerce issue. Unfortunately, the project I’m currently working has become so complex that I can’t see a short-term solution to that.

Same problem I’ve been through so many threads