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Stripe & Paypal are Render Blocking resources

I’ve created a Webflow e-commerce-shop and tested the shop with Google Page Speed Insights.

I reach poor 31 points on mobile there. One of the main reasons is that STRIPE and PAYPAL are registered as Render Blocking Resources, with no chance for me as a no-coder to do something about that.

Furthermore these scripts are also loaded on pages that do not have the shop-functionality build in.

Does anyone have a workaround or simple custom code to get STRIPE and PAYPAL to be Non-Render blocking resources?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Nope, as a non-coder - you’re screwed by a lot of the questionable practices Webflow implement.

The support seems to be genuinely terrible and the only reason I’m still with them is because I accidentally paid for a full year. They offer no “carrier” integrations like Royal Mail and such (so have to do some workarounds there).

As a developer myself, I chose Webflow to make my business easier to setup - and it’s only made it much more painful.