Stripe payment verification before sending data to Webflow CMS

Hi, I have a question regarding form submissions and payments. Here’s the situation:
I have a job submission form in Webflow. When the form is filled out, it is sent to a Firebase database, which is then sent to the Webflow CMS via Zapier. I have also implemented a one-time payment system using Stripe on the form submit button. So, when the form is submitted, it takes the user to Stripe for payment but it is also automatically sent to the Firebase database. However, I currently have to manually check whether the payment has been made before publishing the new job submission from the Webflow CMS.

What I want to do is automate this process, so that only form submissions that have been paid for are sent to the Webflow CMS.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

To automate the process of sending only paid form submissions to the Webflow CMS, you can use Zapier to create a workflow that checks whether a payment has been made before sending the form submission to the CMS.

Here’s an overview of how this workflow would work:

  1. When a new form submission is received in Firebase, Zapier triggers a workflow.
  2. The workflow checks whether the payment for the form submission has been successfully completed in Stripe by using a “Payment Successful” trigger in Zapier.
  3. If the payment has been made, the workflow sends the form submission to the Webflow CMS.
  4. If the payment has not been made, the workflow can either send a notification to you or the user that the payment is pending, or it can be configured to automatically delete the form submission.
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Sorry for the late response.
Thank you, I’ll try to implement it.