Stripe Payment Methods

Hey guys - is it possible to connect actual payment methods to the checkout page?
Like, right now there is a field for card number. However, i want my customer to be able to choose from the methods i have enabled on stripe (for example iDEAL and SEPA would be there too) and then they checkout with that method. Is that somehow possible?

Not with webflow ecommerce, but you can use directly stripe payment links

How would i do that? Say my customer selects varoius products, would he then go to checkout, fill in his personal information and then get to stripe or whats the procedure?

No, with the stripe payment links, each button will redirect directly to Stripe checkout, you will not have a cart system. If you need more payment gateways and a cart system you should look into a different system, like Foxycart, Snipcart or Shopify

Ok thanks. The whole store and Homepage is already set up, so switching now isnt really an option!

Then, you can’t, you can use only the Stripe credit cards or paypal

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Webflow really needs to add more Stripe payment methods.