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Stripe - Payment API integration - FPX Malaysia

Dear fellow Webflow squad,

I am an user from Malaysia, and I am setting up my own e-commerce store with Webflow. And, I would like to integrate some more advance Stripe API into my Webflow site (not launch yet), so that my website can accept broader payment methods from Stripe (other than just Visa & Mastercard)

This is the detailed setup link from Stripe official:

In the setup guidance, it requires me to create Payment Intents & Payment Methods API, so that I can accept FPX payment method which is very popular in Malaysia.

Since Stripe and Webflow are official partners, can I get any advice from Weblow Community or Webflow Staff to help me with the API creation?

*p/s: I have no programming/coding background personally.


Help me please, guys :frowning: