Stripe Javascript impacting performance... defer parsing?

I’m building my Webflow e-commerce store with payments via stripe, indeed.
According to Pagespeed Insights the performance of the store is pretty poor and mostly impacted by Stripe Javascript.

  • I know I can’t control scripts loaded by Webflow… which means I can’t defer parsing of all the stripe javascripts, right?
  • Has anyone found a workaround?
  • Is Webflow thinking of improving this issue?
  • Any good alternative (easy implementation, reasonable costs) to stripe, so I can load my own scripts and have control over those?
    Many thanks in advance for your answers!



Don’t use Webflow e-commerce is an option

Probably not but they don’t communicate much

I have not looked into the pending shopify integrations but Shopify is the 800lb gorilla in the space. I personally don’t see a point in using Webflow when I go that route as I can build templates just fine with code. I normally recommend but while you can control much of th visual look and feel its core script (prettty light really) is not something you can control once you define it to load on a site or template. But you don’t need to drop a payload onto the client for gateway processing since that happens on their side.

The problem you will run into is that ONCE YOU ENABLE WEBFLOW E-COM, YOU ARE STUCK WITH IT. No way to remove it from a project unless you go back to a restore point from before it was enabled, which means typically loosing lots of design and data entry. So I strongly recommend that people avoid it unless that is your specific requirement.

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Awesome, thank you so much for taking the time @webdev !

I really hope the product managers read through these threads.
It is rather disappointing when the answer is “Don’t use the Webflow Feature” because it is not performant.