Stripe 3D secure (Europe) problem

Hi guys

I decided to build my subscription website with Webflow instead of all other competitors on the market.

I’m close to be happy about this decision except of one minor (BIG) problem I ran into.

When checking out with a subscription and Stripe as payment gateway, Webflow does not handle the payment as it should. I get an error message when trying to pay: There was an error processing your customer info. Please try again, or contact us if you continue to have problems (to be honest I don’t know if it’s outputted from my theme or Webflow in general).

I can see that Stripe receives the informations but gets stuck on the step that says “The PaymentIntent needs to be authenticated by 3D Secure”.

Webflow support says they know about the problem but can’t tell if I should count days, months or years.

Do you guys know a quick fix on the problem?

Bonus info: I tried with different cards with same output.

Just urgently run into this problem too. Need a fix ASAP.
Maybe turning off Stripe and just using PayPal for now?

Also need this fixed urgently. I’m setting up a B2B service and cannot request that businesses use Paypal to subscribe.

I have ploughed a lot of time in designing via Webflow for this project as it has served me well in the past for standalone sites and they offered subscriptions via their e-commerce. If I had known me connecting the Stripe platform didn’t mean it would actually work when it came to subscriptions I would have looked elsewhere.

Need a timeline of fix or I have to go elsewhere!

To anyone struggling with this, I’d now recommend downgrading your e-comm plan to a basic plan with Webflow, and using the saving to integrate Memberstack instead. It’s a lot easier to use and Stripe just works out of the box.

I’m having the same issues. When I open the console I get a bunch of errors pertaining to google fonts being requested by Stripe or something. Have a look below. Does anyone have this same error?

Hi all.
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Danish developer here, we have the same problem right now.

It is URGENT that there is a fix. I hope Webflow can give some sort of advice on this

Has anyone find a fix / got an answer on this ? I am running with the same issue.

I encountered a similar issue on a password-protected website. However, after removing the password and republishing the site, the issue disappeared. I hope this solution can be helpful to someone else experiencing the same problem.