Strip pricing table integration

I have integrated a strip pricing table and its showing vertically stacked on Desktop… how do I make it show sided by side in Desktop?

its should be side by side based on stripes preview…can some help?
it was also cropped off on mobile but somehow chatgpt fixed the embedd code and it now show well on mobile. but the Desktop version is still vertical.
here is a preview link

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Hi Malak,

You actually have a full webpage inside of your HTML Embed which won’t work.
The parts you actually need are the script and the table shown here-

I’d recommend you check Stripe’s integration guide to make certain it’s done correctly, however removing those extra parts seems more functional;

<script async src=""></script>
<div style="margin: 0 auto;">
    <stripe-pricing-table pricing-table-id="prctbl_1NqvpvGin2U1pGFyoMCx7pMh" publishable-key="pk_live_51NHgsTGin2U1pGFyCmAb4gZKPfV86HjXONg104JHolLcYmndOVDQ4PIFh5YAMnRqYYYqDiedUgP5kKQd0xGLonOD00on3sZN1A"></stripe-pricing-table>

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