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String interpolation w/ dynamic collection field item

Curious if there’s any Webflow solve for string interpolation with dynamic collection field item? Trying to have page display the {{field item}}, unless it’s null/empty, in which case display ‘THIS TEXT’ instead.

My non-webflow approach would prob be string interpolation like so:

<script>document.write(${variable || “BLANK”});</script>

Example: look at the first H3 element:

<h3>About visiting the {{Place Name}}</h3>

GOAL: If that {{Place Name}} field item is null for any collection item, display ‘Probate Court’ instead.

Preview: Webflow - Atticus - Estate Settlement Made Easy

Just assign the field to a variable first and then use your ‘non-webflow approach’.

Hmm, ok thanks. Tried that first and it didn’t want to accept… will try again!