Strike through line color change for current tab menu

Hi there!
I can’t figured out that how I change the strike through color for current tab state, on the page I just set the text color white on current state for tab menu but now I want the strike through color which is different in color like light grey. (here is the link: & also here is the design reference

Hey Moiz, obviously I’ve seen your project before, but I don’t recall how you’ve constructed your nav. The basic idea is apply the color and strikethrough to the <a> element on :hover, but color the internal text differently.

The strikethrough will pick up the CSS color of the <a> element.

In Webflow, if you’re using Nav Links, it’s a combined element that’s generating both the A and the inner SPAN, so you can’t style them separately in the designer.

In your case, something like this should do the trick as a custom code block, in your nav;

a.navbar1_link.nav-hover.w--current:hover {
    color: #ccc; /* your color */

Hi @memetican, good to hear from you.

I understood and I tried as you told but didn’t work, may be I’m doing wrong, can you see the backend (Webflow - Deutsche Aligners) so you could understand easily that how I built the tab nav menu!!!